WoSAR 2024

Software aging is the progressive degradation of performance and dependability in computer programs, especially those executing for a long period of time. This phenomenon has been extensively studied for more than 20 years, as it affects many systems, from embedded devices to server software to critical systems. 

Software rejuvenation, i.e., proactive restart of application (components/threads/tasks), reboot of VMs or machines, and failover to a replica are the most prominent approaches to combat software aging. A variety of rejuvenation techniques, scheduling plans, scope and granularity, have been proposed for different application types and platforms.

WoSAR is the premier international venue to discuss the recent advances and discoveries in theoretical and practical aspects of software aging and rejuvenation research. We encourage submissions targeting interdisciplinary research, in particular those listed in the topics of interest.

WoSAR is organized in conjunction with the International Symposium on Software Reliability Engineering (ISSRE) in Tsukuba, Japan, on October 28 - 31, 2024. Both the conference and the workshops will be “in presence only”, with all presenters of accepted papers required to attend the conference physically in Tsukuba. 


This call for papers addresses all researchers and practitioners with an interest about performance and dependability degradation of software systems. Topics addressed in the workshop include (but are not limited to):

For all the above topics, WoSAR is a unique forum to discuss the software aging and rejuvenation impacts on systems from different domains of applicability such as:

Cloud computing, Mobile Edge Computing, Fog computing, Mobile, Machine learning systems, Embedded, Medical, Cyber-physical systems, Cyber-Security, Industrial control systems such as SCADA, Smart Grids, Smart Infrastructures, Smart Cities, Transportation, Telecommunication, Military, System of systems, Databases, High Performance Computing, Software Defined Networks, and others.


Paper Submission Deadline: 

July 28th, 2024 

Paper Notification:

August 18th, 2024 

Camera ready papers:

August 25th, 2024